Dehumidifier Vs. Humidifier

Have you heard both the terms dehumidifier and humidifier but don’t know the difference between the two? This post will help to explain what each system does so you can make an informed decision on which air quality system is best for you.


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This system removes all the humidity in the air. This is good if you live in humid places, are looking to reduce mold and mildew, keep away insects, or just feel sticky and sweaty all the time. A dehumidifier is good for people with asthma that is caused by too moist of air. It also helps to reduce congestion, so if your nose is always clogged, a dehumidifier is for you. Some people report that their dehumidifiers reduce headaches as the barometric pressure from humidity is lower.


Humidifiers are the opposite of dehumidifiers, as they put moisture into the air. A humidifier is great is for people who live in warm and dry climates or who have allergies. Putting moisture into the air helps to reduce dry skin and the mucus in noses which leads to nosebleeds. This is beneficial for people who have severe allergies like sneezing and nose bleeds, Another cool thing a humidifier does is that it can help prolong your wooden furniture as the moist air keeps the wood from cracking, or your artwork from warping. A humidifier can also lower your risk of electrical fire as there will be less static cling in the air.

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Signs You May Need A New Thermostat

ThermostatWhen homeowners think of heater or air conditioner troubles, they think of failed furnaces, damaged ACs, and indoor air quality testing, among other things. However, have you ever considered your thermostat? This handy piece of hardware helps you control the comfort level in your home. It requires just as much care as the other parts and, if left alone, can cause issues with the rest of your HVAC system. It can break down and lead to overactive or underactive heaters and air conditioners. Here are a few signs you may need a new thermostat. 

Thermostat Issues

Your Heater Or Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On Or Off.

Have there been times where you hear your system turn on and it never turns off, even after your home has reached the set temperature? How about the reverse? If your system is consistently running or consistently failing to run, this could be an indication of an issue with the thermostat. This can be caused by faulty wiring, issues in programming, or even the thermostat’s location. It is important to have a technician inspect this to be sure the issue lies with your thermostat and then replace it.

Your Thermostat Won’t Turn On.

If you adjust your thermostat, the screen should light up or turn on. If it doesn’t, it can cause issues with your system as well as make it difficult to adjust the temperature. There are many causes for this and sometimes a simple factory reset can help. However, this may just be a temporary solution. Replacement can ensure your HVAC system is unharmed.

Your Thermostat Hasn’t Been Cleaned In a While.

While you may not consider it, your thermostat requires some cleaning. Dusting and wiping down the system, inside and out, can prevent dirt and grime build up. This build-up, if it occurs, can cause shorts and hinder communication between your system and your thermostat. If you see the build up, have a technician inspect and clean it just to ensure your system is still functioning.

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Cut Costs and Stay Warmer in the Winter

There are so many ways that your electricity bill can go up when the winter rolls around. It gets so cold that you don’t think twice about flipping up that heating dial. There are serious ways to save money though if you aren’t already trying to do so. When it comes to your electricity, be as smart as possible and save money wherever you can.

Ways To Save Money

Dress Up – We aren’t talking about throwing on a ball gown and looking like a million bucks, we are talking about throwing on a sweater or some warm socks and bundling up as much as possible. You should be comfortable in your own house, but you can also dress for the elements and to save a little money while you do it.

Open Your Blinds – Whether you have blinds or curtains, open them up during the day. You have a free heater outside most of the day, use it. Just because it is cold outside, doesn’t mean that you should close the windows. If you keep your home dark, it will stay colder. If you let the light in, it will actually help to warm it up.

Lower Your Thermostat – Keep your thermostat low. Even if you only do it while you are at work, you can save on over 8 hours of energy time. That will add up over the days and you will be saving money without having to suffer in a colder than normal house.

If you would like to have an upgraded thermostat installed into your home or would like some more tips about ways to save money, give a call today.

When is the Last Time You Had AC Maintenance Done?

Your air conditioner will last for many years if you take good care of it. You probably know that changing the air filter and cleaning are parts of basic AC maintenance. However, when was the last time you had a professional come and inspect your system? You need a professional AC maintenance schedule to keep your unit running its best throughout its life.

The Little AC Maintenance Tasks

Person Spraying Air Conditioner Clean
Have AC Maintenance Done Today

There are simple tasks you can perform to keep your air conditioner working well. Your air filters need to be changed once per month, your system should be rinse, etc. But, in order to avoid those expensive repairs that can result from a lack of long-term care, you need a professional to inspect your system, and perform basic checks and maintenance. This service is your repair prevention.

Any issues that may develop can be prevented, or stopped before they worsen, by allowing a professional to check your system at least twice per year. A maintenance plan with your AC expert, plus the smaller inspections and tasks you do yourself can save you from expensive repairs later. Call your air conditioner professional to create this schedule. Get more information on what you can do to maintain your AC unit and what to expect in the different stages of your unit’s life.

Your air conditioning expert will check all the functions of your system to make sure everything is working as it should. Your AC unit is a complex system of many parts that all need care to continue working for you. Don’t put off AC maintenance any longer. Contact your local air conditioning company in Fort Worth, TX, today, Arctic Air Conditioning, at (817) 834-2829.

Do You Know How Often To Change Your Air Filters?

air filters

As we’ve discussed before, indoor home air quality is important to everyone. It can affect your health, comfort, and even mood! One of the best ways to keep your indoor air quality in check is with clean, functional air filters. However, not everyone knows how often to change their air filters. While you may hear plenty of arbitrary suggestions, how often you need to change your air filters depends on your home environment. Today we will discuss three suggested frequencies for air filter changes, to help you determine which suggestion bests fits your needs.

Every 6 Months

Changing your filters every six months is a bit of a stretch for most homes, but it is possible in the right circumstances. For example, in a home that is cleaned weekly, with no pets or children, as well as rarely opened windows, chances are that your filters will continue to function well for 6 months at a time.

Every 3 Months

This is usually good for the majority of homes, assuming there aren’t any pets or smokers in the homes. Moderate cleaning, occasionally opened windows, and low dust buildup generally create minor wear and tear on your filters, which allows them to last for up to 3 months.

Every Month

If you have a home with small children or pets, chances are you’ll need to change your air filters more often, Pets give off fur and dander that can clog your filters quickly, and young children tend to track in dirt and dust from playtime. Additionally, frequently changing your filters can lead to better air quality for your children, as well as a more dust-free home!

Remember, clogged air filters can also cause expensive damages to your HVAC system, so be sure to call us at (817) 834-2829 if you need speedy repairs or help with your air filters!

How To Keep Your Home Warmer This Winter

Winter TepmperaturesAs November comes to a close, and December begins, many of us are enjoying, or dreading, cooler temperatures. If you are among the latter, chances are that you are in search of ways to keep your home warmer, without going crazy on the heating bill. Today we will discuss a few ways that you can keep temperatures in your home cozy and comfortable.


Surprisingly, air can actually feel colder if the humidity is low. By including a humidifier in your home, you can make the air feel warmer, without actually having to adjust the thermostat at all.

Space Heaters

Space heaters are another great investment, if you are the type of person who tends to stick to one room. A space heater uses a great deal of electricity, but far less than your HVAC unit, so if you are using one instead of your HVAC, you’ll be sure to save some money!

Reversed Fans

Did you know that reversing your fans in the winter can help direct warm air down where you need it? For newer fans, reversing them is as simple as flipping a switch on the fan’s base. For older models, you’ll need to physically remover the fan blades and put them back on upside down. This is great for individuals with higher ceilings, and can save you money on heating costs by allowing your home to heat more efficiently. Just be sure to dust the fan blades before reversing them, or you may end up with a dusty mess!

There are plenty of other options of course, such as installing fireplaces, heated floors, energy efficient windows, and more! If you’re interested in learning more, or if you’d like to schedule maintenance to improve your heater’s efficiency, give us a call today at (817) 834-2829!

Why Indoor Air Quality Is So Important

Why Indoor Air Quality Is So Important

The air that we breath is important to every single person. There are different reasons why indoor air quality is so important, but many tend to forget. While the air around us is crucial, we tend to forget what makes it so important to have clean air. Below are reasons why indoor air quality is so important.

Helps with Indoor Pollution

When we think of pollution, we tend to think of smoggy skies and exhaust from cars. Unfortunately, pollution can be found inside your home or business, as well. From bacteria, chemical cleaners, and smoking indoors, these things can take a toll on your health. With indoor air quality, you can make the breathing air in your home or business a lot cleaner and healthier to breathe in.

Helps with Asthma and Allergies

Again, we tend to think that the things outside like pollen, grass, and other particles can wreak havoc on your asthma and allergies.  While this is true, these particles can make their way into your home or business, which can increase the symptoms of allergies and asthma. Proper indoor air quality can alleviate allergy and asthma symptoms by a lot.

Helps with Energy Bills

This might be surprising, but better indoor air quality can help with the cost of energy bills. Dust, dirt, and other pollutants can clog the air filter, making it easier to breathe in these particles and making your HVAC system work harder than it should. Indoor air quality can protect your health as well as your HVAC system, decreasing energy bill costs.

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3 Benefits of a Digital Thermostat

Digital ThermostatSometimes as homeowners, we settle for features that come with the home. For many houses in Fort Worth, TX, that includes outdated thermostats. It’s something we might like to upgrade, but continue to put-off for more pertinent home upgrades. The time is now to stop waiting. Arctic Air Conditioning offers thermostat installation in Fort Worth. If you are not convinced, check out these 3 benefits of a digital thermostat:

Comfort Control

Heating and cooling units, in theory, are designed to add comfort to homes. With outdated, analog thermostats, comfort becomes somewhat of an afterthought. With programmable, digital thermostats, finding the perfect temperature becomes simple. Fan control is a major advantage of the modern thermostat, as it can quickly change the temperature of a room that gets either too hot or too cold.

Energy Efficiency

Every homeowner knows utility bills can pile up quickly. Things you may not even be aware of are costing you hundreds of dollars in bills. Programmable digital thermostats remedy this issue by conserving energy automatically. Dynamic temperature settings allow the device to adjust at certain times in a day to preserve energy. There is no point of keeping your AC running on high while nobody’s home.

Mercury Level

Older thermostats usually contain harmful mercury that can potentially cause health problems for residents of your home. Modern digital thermostats eliminate this problem by being mercury-free. Not only are these devices more convenient to use, but they can protect you and your family from harmful chemicals. Call (817) 834-2829 for thermostat installation in Fort Worth, TX.

Benefits of a Smart A/C System

In the age of technology, everything is becoming digitally controlled, including your air conditioner. But, are there real benefits from using a “smart” unit over a traditional one? The features of the next generation of smart air conditioning definitely offer some benefits that cannot be denied.

Smart Air ConditionerGeolocation Scheduling

With geolocation technology, you can now program your A/C to shut off or turn down when you leave the house and return to full power when you’re in route back home by tracking the location of your phone. When your phone leaves the house, your A/C can be programmed to reduce power. Likewise, when your phone is on its way back home, your A/C will revert back to full power to ensure a cool home upon arrival.

Can Sync With Other Smart Appliances

Your smart A/C can now work in tandem with other smart devices such as lights, alarms, and even blinds. These smart devices can be linked to turn on together so when you leave your home, you can set your alarm, shut off your lights, and reduce A/C power, saving money and energy.

Fully Controllable- From Wherever, Whenever

Your smart A/C can be fully operated from your smartphone, tablet, or computer, so you can make changes to the settings or to the scheduling log whenever you need to. You will never have to waste energy during times when you are detained or won’t make it home when expected. This will not only save you money, but also an unnecessary workload on your unit.

There are definite benefits to having a smart A/C system when properly utilized like saving money and having a continuous level of comfort in your home. To find out more about smart air conditioning systems, or to schedule an installation, call the experts at Arctic Air Conditioning today.

Best Central Air Conditioner Brands

Best Central Air Conditioner BrandsThe summertime is extremely hot in Texas, and it is important for homeowners to keep their home at a manageable temperature. Central air provides families with the comfort they deserve to enjoy summer days, free from uncomfortably hot temperatures. For air conditioner installation in Fort Worth, TX, call us today! Here are some of best central air conditioner brands:


This trusted brand comes with the reputation of energy efficiency. The ASX14 model is equipped with a scroll compressor and a filter drier to guard against moisture infiltration, while the ASX16 includes a Copeland CoreSense diagnostic system which self regulates your cooling problems.

American Standard

Models like the Platinum 20 and Platinum 18 contain the AeroQuiet II sound control mechanism. American Standard air conditioners save you the hassle of a noisy unit, and provide energy efficiency along with it. This particular brand is known for its high SEER rating, which analyzes the energy efficiency of a unit.


Of all the best central air conditioner brands, Goodman might be the one that stands out the most. The DSXC18 model features a 2 stage compressor, along with an internal diagnostics system. A fan motor, and sound blanket combine to create minimal operational sounds.  For those on a tighter budget, the GSX16 offers similar features, at a more affordable price


The scroll compressor on the XC21 model is able to run on low more than 75% of the time. SilentComfort noise reduction technology allows homeowners to relax in peace without the noise of an overbearing AC unit. Lennox offers quality units at a price many homeowners will find particularly affordable.