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Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Commercial air conditioning units have been working at capacity to keep apartment complexes, warehouses, movie theaters and more icy cold during these blistering Texas summer months.  Some commercial air conditioning units may have been pushed too hard and have begun to show typical signs of wear and tear… or outright mechanical failure.

commercial air conditioning units
Commercial air conditioning units atop an office building in Japan.  The view is nearly indentical across skyscrapers, shopping malls, and storage facilities around the world.

Commercial Air Conditioning Units – Know When to Replace

Knowing when it’s time to repair and when it’s time to replace your A/C unit is an important skill to have.  The average air conditioning unit operating in the United States of America can last between 15 and 20 years without requiring complete replacement.  While that’s a comforting thought, owners must carefully weigh out the cost of repairs a faulty unit has accumulated against the purchase price of a new unit after all possible rebates and discounts.

On average, commercial locations can wind up spending several thousands of dollars MORE to repair an outdated unit when compared to purchasing a more modern, efficient model.  A newer unit may require less electricity, which in turn reduces your monthly bills.  Combine that with the security of having a brand new manufacturer’s warranty should any problems arise, and the pure savings potential accelerates past the cost of replacing an old trouble unit.

This is also assuming that replacement components for a 20-year-old air conditioning unit can be located at all.  If the aging model is too obscure or parts are too exotic to locate, owners may be forced to replace their broken commercial air conditioning units out of necessity.

Commercial Air Conditioning Units – Service

commercial ac unitGetting service for your Commercial Air Conditioning Units is as easy as picking up the phone and calling Arctic Air Conditioning of Fort Worth, TX!  As a company, we are a licensed Carrier dealer.  We believe that Carrier has the best services and equipment available, and so as a company, we have dedicated ourselves to selling people great Carrier equipment.

Don’t own a Carrier AC Unit?  Our trained service personnel is equipped to take on any make or model air conditioning unit.  If the air conditioner in your home or place of business is not doing the job it needs to do, we have what it takes to whip it back into working order in next to no time.