Monthly Archives: October 2015

Finnicky Texas Weather

As residents of Texas, we know how finnicky the weather can be. Now that fall has come around the corner, we can expect a varying array of temperatures. Do you know how this affects your HVAC system? We go over it here. If you need repairs done, don’t hesitate to give Arctic Air a call today!

Changing Weather and Your HVAC System

Now that the temperature will start to drop, we’ll all start needing to use our heaters. Did you know that both your A/C and heater need to function properly for your heater to work? That’s because two coils in your A/C work to cool your home in hot temperatures, then switch their roles to heat it during cold ones. Luckily, with Texas’ randomly changing weather, you’ll need both functioning properly anyways.


Give us a call for any repairs you may need; make sure you stay comfortable this fall and winter! We offer professional services all year round.