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Cut Costs and Stay Warmer in the Winter

There are so many ways that your electricity bill can go up when the winter rolls around. It gets so cold that you don’t think twice about flipping up that heating dial. There are serious ways to save money though if you aren’t already trying to do so. When it comes to your electricity, be as smart as possible and save money wherever you can.

Ways To Save Money

Dress Up – We aren’t talking about throwing on a ball gown and looking like a million bucks, we are talking about throwing on a sweater or some warm socks and bundling up as much as possible. You should be comfortable in your own house, but you can also dress for the elements and to save a little money while you do it.

Open Your Blinds – Whether you have blinds or curtains, open them up during the day. You have a free heater outside most of the day, use it. Just because it is cold outside, doesn’t mean that you should close the windows. If you keep your home dark, it will stay colder. If you let the light in, it will actually help to warm it up.

Lower Your Thermostat – Keep your thermostat low. Even if you only do it while you are at work, you can save on over 8 hours of energy time. That will add up over the days and you will be saving money without having to suffer in a colder than normal house.

If you would like to have an upgraded thermostat installed into your home or would like some more tips about ways to save money, give a call today.