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Dehumidifier Vs. Humidifier

Have you heard both the terms dehumidifier and humidifier but don’t know the difference between the two? This post will help to explain what each system does so you can make an informed decision on which air quality system is best for you.


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This system removes all the humidity in the air. This is good if you live in humid places, are looking to reduce mold and mildew, keep away insects, or just feel sticky and sweaty all the time. A dehumidifier is good for people with asthma that is caused by too moist of air. It also helps to reduce congestion, so if your nose is always clogged, a dehumidifier is for you. Some people report that their dehumidifiers reduce headaches as the barometric pressure from humidity is lower.


Humidifiers are the opposite of dehumidifiers, as they put moisture into the air. A humidifier is great is for people who live in warm and dry climates or who have allergies. Putting moisture into the air helps to reduce dry skin and the mucus in noses which leads to nosebleeds. This is beneficial for people who have severe allergies like sneezing and nose bleeds, Another cool thing a humidifier does is that it can help prolong your wooden furniture as the moist air keeps the wood from cracking, or your artwork from warping. A humidifier can also lower your risk of electrical fire as there will be less static cling in the air.

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