Best Central Air Conditioner Brands

Best Central Air Conditioner BrandsThe summertime is extremely hot in Texas, and it is important for homeowners to keep their home at a manageable temperature. Central air provides families with the comfort they deserve to enjoy summer days, free from uncomfortably hot temperatures. For air conditioner installation in Fort Worth, TX, call us today! Here are some of best central air conditioner brands:


This trusted brand comes with the reputation of energy efficiency. The ASX14 model is equipped with a scroll compressor and a filter drier to guard against moisture infiltration, while the ASX16 includes a Copeland CoreSense diagnostic system which self regulates your cooling problems.

American Standard

Models like the Platinum 20 and Platinum 18 contain the AeroQuiet II sound control mechanism. American Standard air conditioners save you the hassle of a noisy unit, and provide energy efficiency along with it. This particular brand is known for its high SEER rating, which analyzes the energy efficiency of a unit.


Of all the best central air conditioner brands, Goodman might be the one that stands out the most. The DSXC18 model features a 2 stage compressor, along with an internal diagnostics system. A fan motor, and sound blanket combine to create minimal operational sounds.  For those on a tighter budget, the GSX16 offers similar features, at a more affordable price


The scroll compressor on the XC21 model is able to run on low more than 75% of the time. SilentComfort noise reduction technology allows homeowners to relax in peace without the noise of an overbearing AC unit. Lennox offers quality units at a price many homeowners will find particularly affordable.