Do You Know How Often To Change Your Air Filters?

air filters

As we’ve discussed before, indoor home air quality is important to everyone. It can affect your health, comfort, and even mood! One of the best ways to keep your indoor air quality in check is with clean, functional air filters. However, not everyone knows how often to change their air filters. While you may hear plenty of arbitrary suggestions, how often you need to change your air filters depends on your home environment. Today we will discuss three suggested frequencies for air filter changes, to help you determine which suggestion bests fits your needs.

Every 6 Months

Changing your filters every six months is a bit of a stretch for most homes, but it is possible in the right circumstances. For example, in a home that is cleaned weekly, with no pets or children, as well as rarely opened windows, chances are that your filters will continue to function well for 6 months at a time.

Every 3 Months

This is usually good for the majority of homes, assuming there aren’t any pets or smokers in the homes. Moderate cleaning, occasionally opened windows, and low dust buildup generally create minor wear and tear on your filters, which allows them to last for up to 3 months.

Every Month

If you have a home with small children or pets, chances are you’ll need to change your air filters more often, Pets give off fur and dander that can clog your filters quickly, and young children tend to track in dirt and dust from playtime. Additionally, frequently changing your filters can lead to better air quality for your children, as well as a more dust-free home!

Remember, clogged air filters can also cause expensive damages to your HVAC system, so be sure to call us at (817) 834-2829 if you need speedy repairs or help with your air filters!