Summer A/C Struggles?

It’s hot, y’all. Already. We all feel it, and after the barrage of spring storms, it seems that we’ve gone from one extreme to the other. As we approach triple digits, you’re relying on your air conditioner more than ever. There’s still time to reach out to our professional team for A/C maintenance, which can go a long way in ensuring you make it through the summer without issue.  

As your air 32611289_lconditioning system is working hard to combat the ever-increasing temperatures, keep an eye out for indications that the A/C is struggling. You can usually feel a difference if the air conditioner is not able to keep up with the expected cooling output, but there can be more subtle signs to watch for so that you’re not waiting for a sweltering day to realize that it’s not cooling.

Signs That Your A/C is Struggling

  • Difficulty cooling – Do you keep turning down the thermostat, hoping to feel a refreshing cool, but don’t seem to feel any difference? Or is it taking hours to change a single degree? An otherwise-strongly performing system can struggle to cool when coolant levels are low, which is a simple, inexpensive fix. However, there could be other variables causing the cooling challenges, so it’s worth having it checked out by professionals.
  • Excessive noise – Whether it’s coming from the ductwork and vents, the condenser unit, or you can’t even isolate the source, unusual noises can be an indication of loose or malfunctioning components. This can lead to bigger issues if left unaddressed. Not to mention, it’s difficult to sleep through the night with all that racket.
  • Little to no airflow – First order of business: check that air filter! Can’t remember the last time you changed it? Let’s go ahead and take care of that. When the filter has been replaced and ruled out as the issue, yet you’re still feeling very little airflow coming out of the vents, this could indicate a problem with the blower. Best to have it serviced.
  • Runs constantly – As we do get slight breaks in the heat during the evening and overnight hours (at least for now), you should be able to get through a 24-hour period with the A/C turning off at least a few times. The cooled temps should hold during this time. If your unit is running 24/7 and you’re struggling to feel cool, your system may be beyond its years or simply not at an appropriate SEER rating for the size of your property. (The current minimum SEER rating is 13, so if you’re dealing with an older unit, consider an upgrade to save on both efficiency and comfort.)

If this sounds like your air conditioning system, don’t wait another moment to call our team at Arctic Air Conditioning! Reach out at (817) 834-2829 and let our certified technicians come out and take a look.

We’ll help keep you cool throughout the summer!