When is the Last Time You Had AC Maintenance Done?

Your air conditioner will last for many years if you take good care of it. You probably know that changing the air filter and cleaning are parts of basic AC maintenance. However, when was the last time you had a professional come and inspect your system? You need a professional AC maintenance schedule to keep your unit running its best throughout its life.

The Little AC Maintenance Tasks

Person Spraying Air Conditioner Clean
Have AC Maintenance Done Today

There are simple tasks you can perform to keep your air conditioner working well. Your air filters need to be changed once per month, your system should be rinse, etc. But, in order to avoid those expensive repairs that can result from a lack of long-term care, you need a professional to inspect your system, and perform basic checks and maintenance. This service is your repair prevention.

Any issues that may develop can be prevented, or stopped before they worsen, by allowing a professional to check your system at least twice per year. A maintenance plan with your AC expert, plus the smaller inspections and tasks you do yourself can save you from expensive repairs later. Call your air conditioner professional to create this schedule. Get more information on what you can do to maintain your AC unit and what to expect in the different stages of your unit’s life.

Your air conditioning expert will check all the functions of your system to make sure everything is working as it should. Your AC unit is a complex system of many parts that all need care to continue working for you. Don’t put off AC maintenance any longer. Contact your local air conditioning company in Fort Worth, TX, today, Arctic Air Conditioning, at (817) 834-2829.