Tired of wasting energy and spending so much on your bill each month? Do you want to be comfortable in your home all year round? Consider these benefits of a programmable thermostat.

Saves You Money

Home Thermostat

With a Programmable Thermostat, You Can Enjoy Convenient Energy Savings and Reduce Costs

Many homeowners enjoy a programmable thermostat because they can decide when they want the heat or air to turn on or off without getting up and changing the system all the time. Depending on the type of thermostat you get, you can set the time and day of the week that you want your system to operate. This can help save you money by only using the A/C or heat when you actually want it on.There’s no need to keep the A/C running full blast while you are at work or on vacation, and a programmable thermostat can help you control this.

Improves Energy Efficiency

Because you can control when your HVAC system is running, this can help improve energy efficiency in your home. Some thermostats are even compatible with smartphones, so you can control the air with an app. Wasted energy from air conditioners is a major source of efficiency loss is homes, and preventing this is one of the top benefits of a programmable thermostat.


Have you ever woken up on a chilly morning and wished you could turn on the heater before crawling out of bed? With a programmable thermostat, this is possible! You can set your air to come on when you return from a run, and set the system to specific temperatures for different times of the day.

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