Air Conditioning Maintenance

Summertime in Fort Worth, TX is no joke. When your air conditioning malfunctions, every homeowner knows things can get heated quickly. All AC systems naturally experience wear and tear over time that can lead to costly malfunction and repair if left unattended. To minimize your energy and repair costs, our experts recommend regularly scheduled air conditioning maintenance in Fort Worth, TX. Call us at 817-834-2829 and let our technicians help you. 

Does My HVAC Unit Require Maintenance?

A Man Inspecting an AC Unit

Having Your AC Unit Inspected on a Regular Basis is a Great Way to Avoid Unexpected Repairs and Costs

Are you unsure if your air conditioning needs a tune-up? These are some of the common signs your AC unit requires maintenance.

  • You are experiencing unexpected spikes in your unit’s energy consumption. The U.S. Department of Energy has reported that obstructed air filters can cause up to a 15% increase in your air conditioning unit energy consumption. Likewise, air duct blockage also raises your AC unit’s energy usage.
  • Your coolant system is leaking. A leak in your AC unit’s coolant supply can mean expensive repairs if not detected early.
  • Your AC system cycles on and off with abnormal frequency. This could indicate a fault in your system’s thermostat sensor and should be fixed immediately. Otherwise, you could see a sharp increase in your energy costs.
  • Your unit’s wiring is corroded. Electronics will naturally weaken over time, especially in a system that works as hard as your Air Conditioning unit!
  • You’ve found an unusual buildup of condensate on your system. Homeowners often encounter this issue after intense rainfall, and it could indicate a problem with your drainage system.
A Women Examines Her Thermostat

If Your AC Cycles On and Off Too Often, Be Sure to Check Your Thermostat for Damage or Corrosion

If your AC unit is experiencing any of these problems, call one of our technicians immediately at for a consultation. Our extensively trained technicians at Arctic Air Conditioning are experts at detecting all the signs of breakdown occurring in your system (no matter how small) and providing cost-effective service to keep your household comfortable all year round.

With a little upkeep and maintenance, you can dramatically extend the lifetime of your AC unit. Our team at Arctic Air Conditioning is ready to serve all your needs for air conditioning maintenance in Fort Worth, TX, Monday through Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm. Give our technicians a call at 817-834-2829. Make sure to ask about our Monthly Specials!