Allergies Overview

Nothing can dampen an outdoor trip like a bad case of allergies. When they pop up, all activities suddenly become a huge burden. Have you ever wondered why they come about? If so, we have presented an overview to help you understand them here.

drawing of allergens





Why do I get them?

Simply stated, allergies come about because of an overreaction by your immune system. It produces an antibody, known as “immunoglobulin”, that creates an inflammatory response, giving you your allergy symptoms. You actually “acquire allergies”, meaning you get them while growing up instead of during fetal formation.

What do I do about them?

To find out exactly what causes your allergies, go visit your practicing doctor; they can run one of a few tests (patch test, blood test or skin prick test) to find out exactly which allergens keep causing you problems. Afterward, they can determine the best course of treatment.


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