Benefits of a Smart A/C System

In the age of technology, everything is becoming digitally controlled, including your air conditioner. But, are there real benefits from using a “smart” unit over a traditional one? The features of the next generation of smart air conditioning definitely offer some benefits that cannot be denied.

Smart Air ConditionerGeolocation Scheduling

With geolocation technology, you can now program your A/C to shut off or turn down when you leave the house and return to full power when you’re in route back home by tracking the location of your phone. When your phone leaves the house, your A/C can be programmed to reduce power. Likewise, when your phone is on its way back home, your A/C will revert back to full power to ensure a cool home upon arrival.

Can Sync With Other Smart Appliances

Your smart A/C can now work in tandem with other smart devices such as lights, alarms, and even blinds. These smart devices can be linked to turn on together so when you leave your home, you can set your alarm, shut off your lights, and reduce A/C power, saving money and energy.

Fully Controllable- From Wherever, Whenever

Your smart A/C can be fully operated from your smartphone, tablet, or computer, so you can make changes to the settings or to the scheduling log whenever you need to. You will never have to waste energy during times when you are detained or won’t make it home when expected. This will not only save you money, but also an unnecessary workload on your unit.

There are definite benefits to having a smart A/C system when properly utilized like saving money and having a continuous level of comfort in your home. To find out more about smart air conditioning systems, or to schedule an installation, call the experts at Arctic Air Conditioning today.