Increasing Your Heater’s Energy Efficiency

Have you ever heard the term “energy efficiency?” It is a broad term meaning that something is using less energy to provide the same service using a new method in order to reduce the level of harmful pollutants released into the air. Still confused on what is energy efficiency? This could be something like converting a city to public transportation to eliminate the wastage of gasoline being used by millions of people in one-person cars every day. Or, it could be seen in the home by using appliances that go into “low energy” or “self power off” modes when not in use to conserve battery and energy.


Save Money By Switching to Energy Efficient Heating and Air Conditioning Units

How Can I Improve Energy Efficiency in My Home?

There are many ways on how to make energy efficient home improvements. The most common ways are making lifelong investments like changes to your heating and air conditioning system or roof, as these are the two objects which use the most energy. After switching to more energy efficient heating products, you will be amazed at how much money you save a year, upwards of $500! If you are wanting to get better energy efficient heating in Fort Worth, TX, call Arctic Air Conditioning at 817-834-2829 today.

Energy Saving Tips For Your Home

  • Install a cool roofing system like metal, foam, single ply, green, or tile
  • Upgrade to energy efficient windows like low E or thermal
  • Install solar panel roofs or gates
  • Get a skylight to reduce electricity use and use natural sunlight during the daylight instead of artificial light
  • Insulate your walls and attic to keep hot air inside in cold temperatures and to release it in hot temperatures
  • Upgrade your water heater or furnace to a newer model that uses less water and electricity when operating
  • Plant trees to cool down your home with the shade they provide
  • Unplug old fridges when upgrading to new ones
  • Use the tax incentives to improve your home by upgrading more home appliances to energy efficient options
  • Get an energy audit to find out where you are using too much energy
  • Replace your lights with fluorescent light bulbs

The Best Home Energy Efficient Heating Options

Because of how expensive it is to install energy saving and home heating solutions in your home, you may wonder, “are energy efficient home improvements tax deductible?” A lot of times, yes they are! Especially with roofs, you can receive huge discounts on your taxes and homeowners insurance. The solar easements tax incentive is a federal tax rebate where you can save up to 30% on your yearly tax returns if you have a solar roof or other energy efficient home solution. Additionally, some other appliances like heating and air conditioning units will be able to be given to you at a discount if they are extremely energy efficient. To get your energy efficient heating in Fort Worth, TX, call Arctic Air Conditioning at 817-834-2829 today.

Energy Efficient Roofing

solar panels on roof

Solar Panels Are The Best Energy Efficient Roofing Option , But Are Expensive

While it is the best energy efficient roofing system, it is also the most expensive. You can often get tax incentives and cuts on your homeowners’ insurance due to the high energy rating solar panels supply.

Metal is naturally reflective, helping to send away the hot UV rays of the sun instead of absorb them like other roofs do. This will not only help to keep your roof and home cooler, but will help to lower energy bills and keep your roof lasting longer.

Single Ply
Also known as cool roofs, single ply membrane roofs are made out of rubber and polymer to provide a seamless and waterproof thin roofing system. Their highly reflective white coatings help to keep roofs cool while still being strong enough to resist storms.

Having your roof covered in vegetation is not only aesthetic and environmentally friendly, but extremely effective at improving your energy efficiency. Plants absorb all the greenhouse gas emissions in the air and release new oxygen while also cooling down your roof. This provides multiple energy efficient heating and cooling effects all at the same time while being an attractive and unique roofing option.

Energy Efficient Plumbing Systems

Tankless Water Heater
Tankless water heaters only produce hot water when needed. This means they don’t constantly have to use the electrical system to keep the stored water warm like tank water heaters do. This reduces energy usage and costs.

Heat Pump Water Heater
The most efficient heating system, a heat pump water heater acts as both a space heater and water heater! It is the most expensive water heater type because it also functions as a furnace. It will also save you the most money overall since it can switch back and forth between the systems when needed.

Gas Water Heater
Gas flames heat water quicker than electrical coils. This means that your water heater will be in use for a much shorter time.

Energy Efficient Heating and Air Systems

Whole House Air Filtration System
You can get a whole house air filtration system like a humidifier or air purifier installed into the main ducts instead of having one in every individual room. This not only saves on power, but also helps to improve the air quality for all.

High Velocity Mini Ducts
Mini ducts push air faster through their small ducts, helping to ventilate and cool the rooms down faster. This means that the HVAC unit won’t be on for as long, helping to lower your energy bills by 50 percent. You can even turn it off while you are not at home. Turn the mini ducts back on when you get home and they’ll instantly circulate the stagnant air without it feeling stuffy.

Energy Efficient HVAC Systems
Upgrading to an energy efficient heating and air conditioning system saves you not only time, but money on both heating maintenance costs and energy bills. Less emissions are then released into the air from the amount of energy your HVAC unit uses to cool or heat your home.